European Small Islands Federation

Project Smilegov


These are the fifteen energy reviews from the ESIN cluster in the SMILEGOV project:

Aran Arranmore Bere Chleire Inio Ischia Molene Nagu Ouessant Sein Simskala ISEAP Sottunga Ven Vinon Visingso

The reports from Finland, Åland and Sweden are in Swedish, the ones from Ireland, France and Italy are in English.

Here is a summary of lessons learned within ESIN from the project, in English:



  Smilegov interim report | ESIN wrote @

[…] The Smilegov project has published its interim report for the first 18 months, see […]

  SMILEGOV has landed | ESIN wrote @

[…] The ESIN part of the SMILEGOV project has landed. Thanks to the 15 islands which has been a part of it and the 40 people who has worked in it, there are good results and some very interesting findings. Please have a look at the project presentation (attached) and/or study the complete island energy reports at […]

  The 11th Nation | ESIN wrote @

[…] [3] […]

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