ESIN Atlas

We are moving towards post-2020 and the European Commission is discussing how to act on islands issues in the next period: 2021-2027. What is proposed in Brussels is to earmark financing for islands in each country; The creating of an islands desk to coordinate all island programs; To strengthen the contract between the commission and island nations, making it possible to reject programs that do not include islands.

In this process, it is urgent to present data on small islands. For this purpose, ESIN is making an Atlas of the ESIN islands. Version 1.8, dated 27/9/2016 is downloadable here, and the SENSOR report describing sustainability indicators for islands.


SENSOR 2007 Annex4 Islands


  1. Dear Maret, I have updated data on the Estonian islands (page 28). Would you be so kind and check that the text on page 27 is correct and complete what is missing?

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