How To Read an Island – Book

How To Read an Island



This book is about the 2,415 small, inhabited islands of Europe. It is about facts (Chapter One), benefits (Chapter Two), threats (Chapter Three), feelings (Chapter Four), creativity (Chapter Five) and you (Chapter Six).

I am an islander myself, seriously interested in island societies and constantly trying to read them. Let me guide you in a factual, positive, pessimistic, loving and creative manner. In the end – Chapter Six – you will be on your own.
Being engaged in the European Small Islands Federation (ESIN), I am happy to announce that, should you purchase this book, you will also contribute 5 euro to a fund administrated by ESIN to make it possible for island students to focus on and travel to other small islands during their studies.

This is a book about the “i” in islands.

Christian Pleijel
Vice President, ESIN

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