Annual General Meeting 2018

18th Annual General Meeting,

24-26 September 2018, Brussels



Monday 24 September: Information and discussion day

Venue: Maison de la Bretagne, 11 Rue Rond Point Schuman




Jeppe Jensen: CLEAN ENERGY for EU Islands: how can the smaller islands be involved
11.00 coffee break
11.15 Panos Coroyonaks: Civitas: islands sustainable mobility
12.00 THE FUTURE OF CAP post 2020 with G. Mathioudakis from DG AGRI
1.00 lunch at EXKI Schuman, 232 Rue de la Loi.
2.00 PPT from LIFE  on the new European Maritime Fisheries Fund and small scale fisheries policy
2.30 Eleni Marianou, General Secretary, CPMR Island Commission and ESIN: how can we work together?
3.00 Coffee break
 3.15 Paul Soto, ENRD, Smart Village Thematics: interface between Smart Islands and Smart Villages
4.00 End of day 1


CPMR IC ENERD:                                                                      LIFE:


Tuesday 25 September: ESIN day

Venue: conference room, Hotel SIRU



Introductions and round up of news and issues arising in each federation,
10.15 ·   Update on Current projects Branding  Mairtin.O Maileoid Anette Larm Johansson

·  Entrepreneurship (John Walsh, Kirsty McColl Pia Prost Anette Larm Johansson

11.00 Coffee break
11.15 New work plan proposals:

·  Tòmas MacPhàidin: Secondary education on the islands

·  Marine Plastic /LIFE

·  Updating of island Atlas

·  Clean ENERGY joined by DAFNI on skype/zoom

12.30 ESIN strategy and goals into the future,

with participation by Olof Gill and Hannes Lorenzen, DG AGRI

·  How can we make better representation at all levels

·  How can we foster exchanges between ESIN members?

·  How can we finance our work?

1.30 Lunch
2.30 Updating of ESIN statutes
3.00 ESIN internal functioning

·        Communication

·        participation

 3.45  Coffee break
4.00 ESIN AGM 
5.00 ESIN Board meeting
6.00 End of day 2

 Wednesday 26 September: networking day

8.30 /9.00 Visit to MEPs organised by each delegation
1.00 Lunch at Parlementarium cafeteria
  Visit of Parlementarium /departure


Delegates list 


Åland: Kristian Packalen
Denmark Dorthe Winther
  Lise Thilleman Sørensen
  Ove Axelen
Finland Pia Prost
Ireland John Walsh
Martin O Mealoid
  Corena Ward
  Ciaran O Ceallaigh
  Angela Sullivan
  Cora Keating
  Tómas MacPháidin
  Cathy Ni Ghóill
Scotland Camille Dressler
  Kirsty MacColl
Sweden Anette Larm Johansson
  Sten-Åke Persson


18th Annual General Meeting,

25 September 2018 4- 5 pm

Hotel Siru, Place Rogiers, Brussels.

 Welcome and opening of the 18th Annual General Meeting

  1. Election of member to check the minutes
  2. Approval of agenda
  3. Adoption of the minutes from the 17th Annual General Meeting 2017 (
  4. Chairman´s report
  5. Treasurer’s report
  6. Auditor’s report
  7. Liability for the past year management
  8. Annual membership fee 2019
  9. Budget for 2019
  10. Motions and proposals

Proposal for ESIN Change of statutes

  1. Annual general work plan
  2. ESIN secretariat agreement
  3. Election of ESIN board members and substitutes
  4. Election of president and vice presidents
  5. Appointment of auditor and economic authorization
  6. Adoption of ESIN Press release from the 18th annual general meeting
  7. Annual General Meeting 2019
  8. Close of Annual General Meeting