Annual General Meetings 2007-2015

The 2015 AGM was held on Kastellorizo island in Greece, 22-24 September. The island has two names: Kastellorizo and Megisti. Wikipedia:, Kastellorizo Municipality:


Minutes ESIN AGM 2015

ESIN AGM 2015 agenda

Admission of Gozo Island to the ESIN network via the Gozo NGOs Council

ESIN-account 2014

Point 7e. entrepreneurship project 07_2015

point 7a. PoI Sustainable Management Proposal_07 09 2015

point 12. Aplikacja ESIN, Poland


The 2014 Annual General Meeting was held in Sant’Antioco, Sardegna, on September 25th to 26th.

Here are the formal documents from the AGM:

ESIN_minutes_14thAGM santAntioco

ESIN working plan 2014-2015

14thAGM santAntioco ESIN-account 2013

ESIN membership-list 2014

And here are some informal documents:

ESIN projects vote results

AGM theme conclusions


A couple of italian links covering the event:

The municipality of Sant’Antioco:

The Sardinian Region:


The 2013 AGM was held on Kökar. Here are the with attachments: Accounts 2012, strategy workshop notes and list of participants.


ESIN Accounts 2012

Strategy Workshop


list of participants AGM 2013

Minutes de l’Assamblée Générale 2013, traduises avec l’aide de Mairtin O’Mealoid (Irande) . Il n’est pas sûr qu’ils sont 100% grammaticalement correct donc, s’il vous plaît, dites ceux qui les lises que le français n’est pas sa langue maternelle ….!

ESIN Assemblée Générale 2013

An article in the Ischia and Procida islands newspaper Il Golfo from 8th of September:


Il Golfo article

Delegates at the Annual General Metting assembled in Kökar on the morning of September, 3, photographed by Eva Widlund (the dog is not a delegate):


Agenda for the board meeting on Sept, 2 and for the AGM:

ESIN board meeting agenda Sept 2 2013

ESIN Accounts 2012


The 2012 AGM was held on Mull. Minutes and Resolution from ESIN:s 12th Annual General Meeting:

Minutes AGM 12 Isle of Mull


Minutes AGM 11 Île d’Yeu


Minutes AGM 10 Sejero


Minutes AGM 9 Elba


Minutes AGM 8 Kasnäs


Minutes AGM 7 Hydra


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