ESIN in Brussels

Smilegov workshop, June 24th

On the 24th of June, the Smilegov project had a conference and a workshop in Brussels.

ESIN was represented by RoseMarie Hellén from Vinön and Helena Engelsson, Hven (both are Swedish Islands), Mairtin O’Méaloid from Cape Clear island (Ireland) and Christian Pleijel from Kökar (the Åland Islands). Many island friends were present for other reasons such as Sandy Brunton from Mull (Scotland), Søren Hermansen from Samsø (Denmark), Urmas Pau, Wormsi, Kaidi Nõmmerga, Hiiumaa and Kaido Kaasik, Saaremaa (all from Estonia) and Denis Bredin from les Îles du Ponant (France).


Helena and RoseMarie chatting with Søren


Denis with a big smile


Kaido, Kaidi and Urmas – Estonian ambassadors

Gonzalo & Isabel

Gonzalo from the Canaries and Isabel from Gotland


Kostas taking photos

Panos & Christian

Christian explains what Smilegov is all about…


…and Sandy listens, with a smile


Representatives of Öland’s both municipalities

CPMR Islands Commission

On June 25th the CPMR Islands Commission had its general assembly meeting on June 25th when 41 new islands from the Smilegov project signed the Pact of Islands, bringing the total to 117 signatories. One of Smilegov’s objectives is to bring 50 new islands into the PoI – we are not quite there, yet.

Alexis & Ruy Spencer

Alexis Chatzimpiros with Ruy Spencer from Cape Verde

Kostas & Alexis

Kostas and Alexis – what would Smilegov be without them?


The assembly

New signatories

New signatories

Newcomers & Panos

Panos Coroyannakis is always helpful

Paulino & Søren

Canarian President Paulino Rivero and Søren Hermansen

Prada Sylikliotis Smith

Professor Susana Prada, Cypriot MEP Sylikliotos and MEP Alyn Smith

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