Big day for AIP

I am a few days on Ouessant, an island 15 sq km big with 850 inhabitants and lighthouses in all directions.

The mayor is Denis Palluel who is also chairman of Association des Îles du Ponant (AIP), now entering into a five year agreement with Region Bretagne and the state, securing financing of the development of these islands. Yesterday meeting with all the mayors from the islands, today the French Prime Minister is coming to sign, Big day for AIP, big day for Ouessant!

I am here to represent ESIN. AIP was one of the founders 15 years ago. I will give them our greetings  and congratulations, and speak about the situation of other european islands, in general.

Here are three drawings of Ouessant: one made by an islander, one by a part-time resident, and one by a tourist; three different pictures of the same island. I also attach a map with the real (?) distance to Ouessant, given the transport time.

Denis-Palluel Phare-de-Créac'h-2Det-blå-fönstret  Trois images d'Ouessant Ouessant virtual distance


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