Press release and History of ESIN Presentation

Île-Aux-Moines Morbihan, Brittany

Press Release

AGM 2021

16 Sept 2021

Camille Dressler

ESIN is delighted to celebrate its 20th anniversary at the same time as the 50 th anniversary of the Association of the Isles du Ponant, France.

What these anniversaries show is that the vision that underpins the 2 organisations has endured and still carries on with vigour and enthusiasm.

John Walsh, ESIN Chair, said: “It is now vitally important that the younger generations get involved in the ESIN board, as there is so much knowledge accumulated that needs to be passed on: we need to find young people to work for ESIN in the same way as AIP has bright young people working for them to realise their aims. The time is now.”

Of course, Covid has brought its challenges to all our islands, but has also demonstrated that islands are more than able to adapt to online working and that this is bridging the geographical gap that has been an obstacle pre-Covid. We are also seeing at this AGM on Ile aux Moines how successful a blend of face to face and online meeting can be and is a way to involve more people.

So here’s is to the next decades for both ESIN and AIP, and all the small islands of Europe, very special places for their natural, social and cultural environment. Their enterprising spirit as evidenced, for example, by the Savoir Faire brand developed in the AIP islands, and their will to keep their territories populated and thriving by creatively facing their island challenges – including those brought by climate change which affects us all.

During the AGM

Presentation from Anetté Larm Johansson on the history of ESIN

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