Invitation for Quotation for a suitable experienced External Advisor for project coordination

Request for Quotation:

                               Request Issued                                                   – 12 August 2021

                               Closing date for receipt of quotation         – 26 August 2021

                               Contracting Organisation                               – European Small Islands Federation

                               Queries by email to                                          –

  1. Background and framework
  1. European Small Islands Federation (ESIN)

ESIN is a not- for -profit organisation registered in Sweden. It is the voice of islanders and small islands. Its main objective is to help small island communities stay alive. To this end, ESIN acts at two levels:

  • Local level: ESIN aims to strengthen islands’ cultural identity, facilitating the circulation of information between its members. It allows comparison on how different countries cope with issues and it gives support to each other through the sharing of knowledge.
  • European level: ESIN also aims to inform relevant EU institutions and influence EU policies and rules by increasing awareness and understanding of small islands issues.

1.2 Context

In support of this objective, ESIN has secured an EU grant through the NESOI project (, to help mobilise the island communities on six (6) small island members of ESIN to advance their clean energy transition. These six (6) small islands that participate in the NESOI project through ESIN are Iles aux Moines (France), Inishbofin (County Galway, Ireland), Nagu (Finland), Fur (Denmark), Venø (Denmark) and Ulva (UK). The grant will support four (4) islands in the development of a Clean Energy Transition Agenda (CETA) and two (2) islands in studies of specific sustainable energy projects of interest, as identified by key stakeholders. For the development of the four (4) CETAs and the two (2) studies ESIN will select External Advisors.

The Clean Energy Transition Agenda (CETA) is a strategic roadmap for the transition process towards clean energy that was developed by the Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat ( A template is available in several languages at

The project started on July 23rd 2021 and has a duration of 12 months.

ESIN seeks a Project Coordinator for the coordination of the project.

2. Objective of the Request to Quotations

The objective of this Request for Quotations is to identify a suitably qualified and experienced External Advisor to coordinate the project.

The work should be carried out in close cooperation with ESIN’s energy working group, as per the requirements and responsibilities outlined in Section 3 below.

3. Requirements and External Advisor’s Responsibilities

The selected External Advisor should:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the NESOI project, its purpose and aims
  • demonstrate an understanding of the challenges that small islands face for their energy transition
  • have experience as coordinator of at least one multinational project, preferably with partners from at least the number of countries involved in this project
  • have at least 5 years of professional experience in the policy areas of islands and energy
  • be competent in understanding, speaking, and writing in English (at least C1 according to the Self-assessment grid of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)

The selected External Advisor will:

  • be the main contact person of the project vis a vis the NESOI project and the European Commission
  • monitor on behalf of ESIN the progress of the work of the External Advisors that will develop Clean Energy Transition Agendas (CETAs) for four (4) small island communities and the External Advisors that will carry out studies of specific sustainable energy projects of interest
  • report the progress of the project to the NESOI project through the official interim and final report in month 6 and 12 respectively, as well as on any other occasion that may be required. ESIN will provide templates for the interim and final report
  • coordinate with the consultants that will be appointed by the NESOI project to conduct preliminary analyses on specific project ideas or areas of interest for each of the six (6) islands

There may be a possibility of holding a capacity building workshop on the island of Samsø, Denmark, in support of the community engagement process for the clean energy transition on the four (4) islands that participate in the NESOI project through ESIN, which the External Advisor would be invited to attend at their own expense on an optional basis.

The External Advisor should understand that ESIN, being a Federation of small islands across many countries, wishes that this project that involves six (6) of its small island members should also:

  • further strengthen knowledge sharing among its members
  • help build capacity on each of the six (6) islands, and
  • eventually create future cooperation opportunities among its small island-members. 4. Budget

The available budget that corresponds to the contract for project coordination is eight thousand (8 000) euros.

5.Evaluation criteria

The following evaluation criteria will be applied for the award of the contract:

CriteriaMaximum Evaluation Points
Demonstrated understanding of the requirements30
Demonstrated skills and ability to deliver the specified required services60
Total Evaluation Points Available100

Any External Advisor being considered for appointment will be responsible for having valid tax clearance certificates and evidence of sufficient relevant insurance. Quoters should declare, as part of their tender, that these will be available if requested.

ESIN is not bound to accept any quotation that it receives and may terminate the selection process at any time.

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