Denis Barić re-elected President of Croatian islands

Baric & PiculaDenis Barić and Tonino Picula

Fifteen years have passed since the Croatian Islands Parliament (Otočni Sabor) was founded. The last year has been focused on the fight for the preservation of small-scale fishing, the consequences of the implementation of the Ordnance on conditions and manner of exercising the right to preferential transport on the routes in the public maritime transport, the 63rd session of the Committee on Environment and Nature of the Croatian Parliament on the issue of research and exploitation of hydrocarbons in the Adriatic, participation in two petitions (for helicopter emergency medical assistance and “against cancer in two steps”), actions for fair island products, for island culture, and becoming a member of ESIN.

– ”Living on an island, by birth or choice, must not be an obstacle to the development aspirations of a modern man”, says Denis Barić.

At the Islands Parliament meeting, MEP Tonino Picula pointed out that all availabe data shows the average national income of an islander is much lower than that of a mainlander.

– We will try to meet a common desire to form an independent Croatian cluster for energy sustainability of the islands. We plan to strengthen the agricultural cooperatives on the islands in order to increase employability of young people. We are especially proud that our oldest member, 100-year-old Anti Dragić, just published his book “Life on the island – economic life on the islands between the two world wars,” says Denis Barić, who was re-elected as President of the Islands Parliament of Croatia on the 18th of May.


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