Skellig Michael


Skellig Michael is a rock island located 15 kilometres off the Kerry coast. One of Ireland’s three UNESCO World Heritage Sites, this spectacular peak is home to tens of thousands of seabirds, among them; fulmars, gannets, guillemots, manx shearwaters, puffins, razorbills, guillemots, storm petrels, gannets and more.

First built by an incredible bunch of hermetical monks in the 6th century, the community of aesthitics remained on Skellig until the 12th century or so though the site has continued to be a place of pilgrimage for traveller from around the globe. Today, the remnants of the truly extraordinary monastery, elaborate stairs climbing the steep faces for hundreds of metres from different sides of the island to that enclosure and it’s other-worldly South Summit hermitage is without equal in the world.

Today it has become famous through the “Star Wars”. Although the film is taking place in a galaxy far, far away, they use real locations on earth to fill in for other planets. One of the most otherworldly scenes in “The Force Awakens” was filmed on Skellig Michael. The shoot there was shrouded in secrecy, and locals were told that the crew was filming a documentary. They were shocked to find a galaxy in their backyard.

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