National funding granted for Swedish archipelagos


The national federation for the associations of the Swedish archipelagos – SRF (ESIN’s Swedish member) – has been accorded a three-year grant from the Swedish government.

The grant which comprises over 0,5 million euro for 2016-2018 was communicated last Thursday February, 3. It is an increase compared to previous years to make special attention to equality, diversity and inclusion possible.

– The efforts SRF is conducting addresses a variety of challenges in our archipelagos. It supports the development capacity of Sweden’s archipelagos, says Minister of Rural Affairs Sven-Erik Bucht.

– The decision is most welcome, says Bengt Almqvist, chairman of SRF. The Government sees the importance of the work we do to improve conditions to keep our archipelagos alive, all-year-round. It has also been recognized that a stable core operation is a prerequisite to manage this work. We will administer their confidence well.



  1. This is really wonderful news! Clearly, if we are to develop island life and economy, it needs more support. My fear is that too much emphasis is given not in EU strategy on urban development and on the expenses of the rural island development. We are reversing this trend on the EU macro regional level.

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