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National funding granted for Swedish archipelagos


The national federation for the associations of the Swedish archipelagos – SRF (ESIN’s Swedish member) – has been accorded a three-year grant from the Swedish government.

The grant which comprises over 0,5 million euro for 2016-2018 was communicated last Thursday February, 3. It is an increase compared to previous years to make special attention to equality, diversity and inclusion possible.

– The efforts SRF is conducting addresses a variety of challenges in our archipelagos. It supports the development capacity of Sweden’s archipelagos, says Minister of Rural Affairs Sven-Erik Bucht.

– The decision is most welcome, says Bengt Almqvist, chairman of SRF. The Government sees the importance of the work we do to improve conditions to keep our archipelagos alive, all-year-round. It has also been recognized that a stable core operation is a prerequisite to manage this work. We will administer their confidence well.