European Small Islands Federation

Our man in Okinawa


ESIN’s ambassador at the Ecoisland and Sustainable Communities Summit 2015 in Okinawa, Mr Felix Wight who is Policy and Innovation Manager at Community Energy Scotland, sends us his impressions from the conference:

“The Eco-Island and Sustainable Communities summit 2015 demonstrates the huge level of knowledge and passion for sustainable development from communities across the world. The presentations have covered a wide range from technical issues, to multilevel governance, and even philosophy, but there is a common theme of respecting the local people that need to be at the heart of decision making. There is (literally) a warm welcome here in Okinawa and after just one day, new partnerships and friendships are beginning to emerge, with a high level of interest in European projects. Thank you to ESIN for the opportunity for Community Energy Scotland to represent you at this event, and already looking forward to the next summit, hopefully in Orkney 2017”.

The Ecoisland Global Summit was inaugurated in Isle of Wight in 2012, which was followed by the second summit in Bornholm in 2013 where Camille Dressler and Christian Pleijel from ESIN were invited speakers.

Global Summit 2015

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