Small Island Survival Kit

Small island survival kitTonino-Picula

Today I presented a “Small Islands Survival Kit” at a conference in Dubrovnik, being here as the vice president of ESIN on personal invitation of Tonino Picula, born on the small island Mali Losinj, member of the European Parliament, vice chair of the important Islands Intergroup and Croatia’s first foreign minister.

I used examples from the Aland archipelago and from the Irish Cork islands. Croatian newspapers report that “Christian Pleijel iz Európske federacije malih otoka (ESIN) pohvalio je Irce koji su napravili” atlas otoka “koji prikazuje koliko ljudi Zivi na otocima mare conditioned, kako su izvori svježe vode raspoređeni po otoku, koliko see energije in otpada Trosi svaki dan na jedan vrlo točan, faktički način. Strategija kp razvijena u tijesnoj suradnji otoka in općine, rekao kp Pleijel … ” … which, as you all understand, means: “Christian Pleijel of the European Small Islands Federation (ESIN) praised Ireland who have made an integrated strategy for its seven islands that identify population, water, energy and waste in a very accurate, objective way. The strategy was developed in close cooperation between the islands and the county said Pleijel. ”

I refer to the West Cork Islands Integrated Strategy, an ambitious work everybody should study. To make my references understandable I placed Åland and the West Cork islands in the Adriatic Sea. And yes, I opened the Survival Kit and showed them what’s inside.

Adriatiska havet3

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