AGM 2015 on Kastelorizo

The 2015 ESIN Annual General Meeting on the small island of Kastellorizo has let us experience the joys and qualities of island life, but also problems and difficulties: the warm welcoming from the islanders, good venue, flexible program, excellent food, beautiful weather and lovely trips by boat have been intertwined with bad weather, cancelled flights and visits to the backside of the island. Just the kind of days ESIN delegates appreciate!

Thanks to Elefterios Kechagioglou, Litsa Papathanassi and others, it has been a week filled with knowledge and impressions (see photographs below). Meeting with the local Council, Greek Mayors, government officials, scientists and environmentalists have been very rewarding. This has been realised with the help of translators and sponsors including the Region of the South Aegean, Blue Star Ferries and the Municipality of Kastellorizo to whom we are most grateful.

Minutes from the General Meeting on 25th of September and by the Board on 26th of September, will soon be distributed and communicated to all parties.

We wish all the best for the new Board chaired by Bengt Almkvist and his three vice Presidents John Walsh from Ireland, Elefterios Kechagioglou from Greece and Christian Pleijel from the Åland Islands.

May we be the strong, united voice the small islands of Europe need in Brussels and elsewhere.

00 Bonad

Vy-över-Mounta 230m

View of Mounta 230m and Kastellorizo

02 Diagoras-i-Megisti-hamn

Ferry Diagoras is turning around in the small harbour

05 Rektor

The headmaster of the school

06 Chief-Engineer

The Chief Engineer

07 Dres

Action Kastellorizo

08 Sopor

City dump overlooking the island of Rho

09 Going-in

Going into the blue cave

10 Lise

Lise Thilleman is awestruck in the Blue Cave

11 Camille-Dressler

Camille Dressler: thank you for serving the board for three years

12 Lefteris

Lefteris Kechagioglou, our excellent host

13 The board

Formal meeting (Photo: Lise Thilleman Jensen)

14 Maria

Maria Kamma-Aliferis, mayor of Tilos and chairman of HSIN

15 Ioannis

Ioannis Spilanis

16 Litsa-&-friend

Litsa and friend saying goodbye

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