Island kids met in Croatia

Satellitbild Vis


Young islanders aged 15-24 from Åland, Turkey, Latvia and Latvia met last week on the island of Vis. It is the most remote of the Croatian islands, with an area of 90 km2 and a population of about 3,400 living on agriculture and tourism and enjoying the plentitude of fish (sardines, mackerel ad anchovy).

With a little help from ESIN and lot of support from the Erasmus+ program, the kids learned about eco-business. As proposed from the Nordic team, the whole conference was free from drugs which was very well received from the other delegates. No alcohol, no late parties, no tired delegates in the mornings. Everyone was very focused on learning and exchanging knowledge.

The picture above is from this Croatian site: Here is an article in my local newspaper (in Swedish, of course), I hope it is being covered as well in Croatia, Latvia and Turkey.

En resa fylld av kunskap


    • I guess you are right Maret (although there are some inhabited islands in the Daugava river). The islanders were the ones from Åland and Croatia, from Latvia and Turkey I guess they were mainlanders. “Island” was not the issue, “eco-business” was. ESINs part was to bring together Croatian and Åland youth organisations to a meeting, what happened then was up to them.

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