News from John O’Brian

John O’Brian: The Scale Matters – Quality Counts declaration has been a huge success. So far, 168 organisations from 18 EU member states, and beyond, support it. After we launched the declaration last Monday, we took it into the EU Parliament and in the course of two days we presented it to over 30 MEPS, before it was read out in Parliament during the hearing on small-scale and coastal fisheries by John O’Brien, an artisanal fisher from an island off the west coast of Ireland.

On Wednesday the declaration was presented to Commissioner Damanaki . Throughout the three days the declaration was covered in the media across the EU: in the European Voice, in France, in Italy,, in Malta, and in Spain.

We will continue to use our joint declaration in the upcoming advocacy efforts and hope that it will also help you to raise your voice in the CFP reform process.

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