European islands want to stay alive!

Bengt Almkvist: The Federation of the Small European Islands is the fruit of a rich cooperation between island communities. Since May, 2001, ten national organizations representing small islands decided to meet within a network. The main objective of ESIN is to help the island communities to remain alive and active all year round.
The General assembly of European Small Islands Federation ( ESIN) took place September 14th and 15th on the Ile d’Yeu.
During this assembly two ideas of projects were born:

– The first one (night), to develop the exchanges of young people through the European islands so that these last ones can know the other young islanders, another culture, another island lifestyle.

– The second idea appeared while the European had an electric motor car for their travel (movement) on the island. This experience(experiment) created the idea to create a working group and to develop this mode of travel(movement) on the islands of member countries.

Next ESIN AGM should take place in Scotland in September, 2012.

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