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Another excellent island journal

The fifteenth issue of ID-Îles Magazine, as always well edited by researcher PhD Laura Corsi, was published late in December. It questions the social and economic changes that the islands have undergone in the last four years. Entrepreneurs filmed back in 2013 testify to their experience: the gardeners of the island of Groix managed to build their shed, the baker & grocer of the island of Sein took a coffee on the docks, and the manufacturer of weathervanes of Ushant continues his activity, but living on the continent.


Louis Brigand and Denis Bredin

After 17 minutes, we meet Denis Bredin and Louis Brigand, speaking about the tight cooperation between the University of Brest and the AIP (l’Association des îles du Ponant), the development of the islands of Brittany, how they managed to show island life is more expensive on islands ans subsequently obtain additional funding from the Region and the State, and the creation of an island product brand called ”Savoir-faire des îles du Ponant” launched in September 2017.


French island product brand site

The ID-Îles Magazine was a project 2011-2014 in cooperation between AIP and the University of Brest. It continues 2014-2018, thanks to the workshop on island entrepreneurship held on the island of Groix in October 2013 with 120 persons (one third entrepreneurs, one third local politicians and one third researchers). That workshop led to a thirteen-islands joint project coordinated by professor Louis Brigand, including ID-Îles, an internet site with all project documentation, and a monthly 26-minute television programme. You can see all the programmes here:

Groix workshops

Workshop on Groix 2013 with géographers Solenn Le Berre and Mathilde Woillez entouring President of AIP Denis Palluel, professor Louis Brigand and Councellor of Groix Claude Guiader

Precious Island Journals


Just in time for Christmas, two island journals landed in our postbox: Finnish Skärgård which is celebrating its 40th year, and issue no 170 of Danish Ø-Posten.


Skärgård is a bit more international this time. It has an article  by John Wrede, Micaela Jansson and Pia Prost on ESINs meeting on Orkney, entitled “The island where 130,000 sheep have their backs in the same direction” and features a photo of the inlet of Aberdeen. There is an article written by Dorthe Winter, chairman of the Danish small islands titled “Can you grow old on you island?”. She is raising the important question of equal island and mainland social services and describes how the issue is being handled, right now, in Denmark.

Pia Prost, ESINs most talented island portraiter, has written a both technical and poetical article describing Karlö island, situated far north in the Baltic Sea.



Ø-Posten has a portrait of a family with thee kids moving to Egholm island on the cover.


There is information on Local Action Group work and financing 2017, a short report from each and everyone of the 28 small islands in Denmark (small meaning not a municipality) and on a visit to Anholt island made by some of the boardmembers in October. Anholt is one of the most remote small islands, situated out in Kattegatt. It boasts a yearly cultural festival called (



Without island journals like these and without the people who write, design and publish them, island knowledge would be poor. They describe modern island life, people and politics, ferries and festivals, conflicts and culture. They are precious to us all and I invite everybody to get a subscription, eh well maybe not if you don’t speak Danish or Swedish…

This said, the ESIN Board wishes all islanders of Europe a Merry Christmas and a Sustainable New Year with lots of hopes, happiness and love.

Swedish islands periodical turns 10

We have a soft spot for genuine islands journals – not touristic glossy magazines, but low-key, locally produced periodicals done by the islanders for the islanders.

Swedish “Vi skärgårdsbor” (=We islanders) has just issued its 40th number and has thus been published for 10 years. Congratulations!

N.o 40 contains a nice reportage from Kökar by Eva Widlund, the ever engaged, energetic and irreplaceable editor of the periodical. Thanks Eva.

Sorry for some of you guys, it is only in Swedish.

Vi Skärgårdsbor_nr3_2017_Kökar-1Vi Skärgårdsbor_nr3_2017_Kökar-17Vi Skärgårdsbor_nr3_2017_Kökar-18Vi Skärgårdsbor_nr3_2017_Kökar-19

Skärgård magazine no 160

Ledare 1-2

Every European island flaunts its assets in glossy magazines, typically written by journalists and photographers spending a week or two in the island’s holiday landscape. Luckily, there is also another kind of island magazines, written by the islanders themselves, sometimes with the help of researchers, dealing with the island culture, history, lifestyle, infrastructure and politics. Such magazines were briefly described here in July 2016.

One of these is the superb magazine Skärgård (= Archipelago), which has just published its 160th (!) issue, with Pia Prost as editor.

The issue starts with a clever editorial by Pia Prost entitled “Mankind is not an island” and continues with articles on sustainability, biogas, fishing, hybrid ferry Elektra, recent disputations, island loos and a very interesting article entitled “Meeting the challenges of Europe’s small islands” by Camille Dressler. We had no idea Camille masters the Swedish language so well (maybe she had some help from Pia?). She gives examples from her own island Eigg, stressing the importance of sharing island stories with happy endings.

Another article is on Simskäla, which was ESIN’s runner-up for the EUSEW 2017 award: “On Simskäla, from different angles” for example “top down or bottom up”, “on or in an island”, “seen from here and seen from there”. Simskäla did not win the EUSEW prize this year (Tilos did, well deserved!) but the Energy Globe Foundation in Austria is urging us to apply for Simskäla to run for their 2018 Energy Globe Award.

Get your own copy here:



Danish island journal no 169


The September issue of Danish Island Journal Ø-Posten has just been published. You can download a copy here Alas, it is only in Danish but anyone can read Danish with a little help from Google Translate.

The editorial by Danish chairman Dorthe Winter asks “Can you grow old on your island?”. The 27 small Danish islands are not municipalities and worry about the quality standards for home care on their islands. Avernakø and Lyø have opened a case against Faaborg- Midtfyn Municipality at the National Social Appeals Board, Tunø has brought an action against Odder municipality, and Fejø, Femø and Askø have brought proceedings against Lolland Municipality. A most important question for every island!

Number 169 also deals with the ESIN general meeting on Orkney, how to work on different ideas to strengthen the island’s settlement work, how islands can visibly reflect their potential to the outside world, and the very nice results of the “Island Passport” campaign. The whole Island passport can be seen here:

Island passportØ-Posten is published four times a year. It offers a superb impression of what’s up and what’s down among Denmark’s 27 small islands. This one is number 169. Impressive!

Island Journals

Being an organisation for islanders, we must admit having a soft spot for island journals. Not the glossy magazines marketing islands as a place to visit, nor daily (or almost daily) newspapers covering crime, local debate and family affairs. No, our love is for copious, fact-filled periodicals with percipient descriptions of islands as a place to live and work, the trades and industries of the islanders, the deep roots of islandness and the struggle to survive as tiny societies in the modern world.

Here are seven examples, from France, Australia, Scotland, Denmark, Canada, Finland and Sweden:

ID-Îles: the magazine of initiatives and development in the French western islands (lLes îles du Ponant), containing most interesting portraits of the islands where the sun settles. The magazine is a monthly television broadcast 26 minutes long, an internet siteîles/id-îles-magazine/, and a monthly chronicle. You can follow ID-Îles on FaceBookîles-Magazine-1036287096423212/?fref=ts.

ID-îles 3ISJ-COVER-Nov 

There used to be a printed French journal called Î-liens but it ceased to exist in September, 2013.

Iliens sept 2013

Shima is an Australian peer-refereed academic journal that is published twice a year in open access online form It contains theoretical and/or comparative studies of islands and marine cultures, case studies of islands and marine cultures, accounts of collaborative research and development projects in island and marine cultures, analyses of fictional representations of islands, ‘islandness,’ and oceanic issues. There are photo and video essays on any aspects of the above.

The current issue focuses on almost islands  (presqu’îles) and peninsulas (péninsules), including an essay by Zrinka Mendas on the historic-economic traces in the former island cities of Zadar and Trogir in Croatia.


The Scottish Island Explorer is edited in Suffolk, designed on Jura, printed in Sussex, distributed from Lincolnshire and occupies an office at Kershader in the South Lochs area of the Isle of Lewis. It was founded in 2000, is “devoted to exploring the islands of Scotland”

The latest number July/August 2016 – is devoted to Fetlar and Barra, amongst other.

Scottish Islands Explorer


Four times a year, the Danish small islands association publishes an island journal called Ø-Posten, typically about 1216 pages. Edited by Lise Thilleman Sørensen on Strynø, it offers a superb impression of what’s up and what’s down in Denmark’s 27 small islands. So far, they have published 163 journals. You can download the latest and earlier issues hereø-posten. Number 162 was dedicated to ESIN’s meeting on Kastellorizo 2015.

O-Posten 162

The Island Studies Journal is a scholarly journal dedicated to the inter-disciplinary study of our ‘world of islands’ Its institutional home is the Institute of Island Studies at the University of Prince Edward Island, Canada. All articles published are rigorously peer-reviewed. The journal’s executive Editor is professor Godfrey Baldacchino on Malta.

The November 2015 cover shows La Maîtresse in the Les Minquiers reef, Jersey/Channel Islands. The islet is 100 m long and by 50 m wide, with 12 stone cottages in various states of repair (photo Henry Johnson).

ISJ-COVER-Nov 2015

The magazine Skärgård (= Archipelago) is in its 39th year, publishing four issues a year. It aims at documenting “the most unique area in Finland, both from a national and an international perspective: our coastal and island Swedish areas and cultural heritage”

The magazine is managed by the Archipelago Institute at Åbo Akademi, editor is Nina Söderlund on Ramsö (Nagu). It invests in a selected texts and pictures, beautiful layout and high quality print. Shown is the 2005 issue on Kökar.

Kokar 2-2005

Sine 2007, the Swedish small island association publishes the periodical Vi skärgårdsbor, four times a year. Edited by Eva Widlund on Vinön (Wine Island), it reports mainly on small island development in Sweden but includes European outlooks as in this issue (2011), reporting from Brittany (Bretagne):

Vi skargardsbor

We must have forgotten lots of journals, especially if you include web pages and blogs. You are more than welcome to comment and to promote other journals. We’ll be more than happy to give them the space they deserve, here. Maybe we should create an island journals blogroll / link library?


Some of ESINs members publish regular magazines dealing with island topics. One of these is the Danish Ø-posten (Island Post), which is sent to all the 27 small islands in Denmark – and their supporters (such as ESIN). It is published four times a year, primely edited by Lise Sørensen, always offering a good general view of what is happening on the small Danish islands.

You can read it here The latest release impressively being numbered 137 covers among other things ESINs Annual General meeting: