Discover Habitability

Bottom-up habitability analysis of 3 Island Municipalities

Report from Christian Pleijel

Agneta Wackström, RoseMarie Hellén and Christian Pleijel

Agneta Wackström from Åland Island’s Archipelago Association, RoseMarie Hellén from Vinön in Sweden and Christian Pleijel, after starting up bottom-up habitability analyses on three island municipalities on Åland. The project is financed by LEADER.

Christian comments that they work with very interesting islands: Sottunga, Finland’s smallest municipality with 90 inhabitants in January 2019, which now has 20 new families with 12 children. They left Sweden due to the unacceptably low standard of Swedish schooling. Foglo with 530 inhabitants, lost 30 people when COVID hit its fish industry. The fish farm is now back in business but the workmen are only seasonal, not bringing their families and rooting themselves as they did before.

Christian asks: Who’s habitable now? What is it to be “habitable”? And what can you do about it?

Example of a habitability plan

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