Animation work of Island School children featured at major festival

This year’s 23th Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Youth and the 20th European Camera Zizanio Youth Audiovisual Creation Meeting, featured the films of the children of Tilos Primary School:

📍the documentary film ′′ Tilos, a small ark “, lasting 10 minutes

📍the animation movie ′′ The dwarfs of Tilos ′′ lasting 3 minutes

Tilos Archives - Just Go Jo

The films were created by all the students of Tilos Primary School during the film workshops of the educational program “All in the Frame” from the Youth Plan, and presented together with 5 more short films created by students and students in film workshops of the Youth Plan in Kythira, Plomari Lesvos, Drama, and Alexandria Imathia.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the kids work and movies. When we give them the opportunity they do wonders!

To watch children’s films free online from the Olympia Festival platform:


Registration instructions for the platform of the Olympia festival


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