Habitability: Planning the Future of Islands

by Christian Pleijel

Habitability is a concept to define, measure and develop the attractiveness of an island.

The definition includes 40 indicators arranged in seven areas.

Measuring is made in two steps: first, you measure how well your island matches the 40 indicators on scale 1 to 4. Secondly, you decide which of the indicators are most important, and easy, to develop in becoming more attractive to new residents.

It can be about jobs, housing, the grocery shop, school and daycare, safety, healthcare and ferries. All kind of aspects making it possible to live on an island, all year around. If the island is habitable it is also sustainable. Being habitable is the precondition for being a sustainable society capable of taking care of its people, its nature and the surrounding sea.

The process includes islanders of different categories as well as external experts. It creates new ideas and practical possibilities on how to develop the habitability of an island, and it sets the stage for change.

For more insights and information please see the short YouTube movie below

Also the report:

Christian Pleijel lives on the island of Kökar in the Baltic Sea. He is a researcher focused on the small islands of Europe. See https://www.kth.se/profile/chbp?l=en. His research was presented as part of the recent ESIN Webinar.

Contact information for Christian Pleijel is:


+358-457-342 88 25

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