Empowering Islands To Achieve Their Energy And Climate Targets for Scotland and Ireland: Webinar

PART OF Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy PROJECT

DATE:Friday, June 19th 2020| TIME: 14.00 – 15.45 CEST The road to becoming a fossil fuel-free and climate-ready island is not always smooth and easy and there are many obstacles in the way, particularly when […]

The road to becoming a fossil fuel-free and climate-ready island is not always smooth and easy and there are many obstacles in the way, particularly when island communities are directly involved in setting up renewable energy systems as in Scotland and Ireland. In this webinar, we will present successful climate and energy solutions and methodologies in the Scottish and Irish islands, starting with Comhairle nan Eilean Siar – the Western Isles Council, one of the earliest PoI signatories and approaches pioneered in Ireland and Orkney.  We will continue with community projects on smaller islands and the lessons learnt. We will then look at the right conditions required for investing in local energy and climate action plans, inviting the convener of the Scottish Low Carbon Investment Roundtable to sum up the last 2 years roundtable conclusions, whilst NESOI – the European Clean Energy for EU Islands Facility will present how their approach will support the islands. 


Introduction | climate readiness and renewable energy strategies in Ireland and Scotland – 5’

John Walsh, chair, European Small Islands Federation (ESIN)

  • How islands can support the drive towards Net Zero- 10’ 

John Cunningham, Renewable Energy Policy Officer, Comhairle nan Eilean Siar      

  • Developing island local energy communities – 10’

Rona MacKay, Head of Operations & Governance Community Energy Scotland

  • Supporting Citizens and Communities in the energy and climate transition -10’

Paul Kenny, Tipperary Energy Agency

  • Aran Islands’ transition planning: how we mobilized the community for change 10’

Avril Sharkey, Fuinneamh Oileáin Árann,  Aran islands Energy Cooperative

  • Island of Eday, co-designing the local energy system in Orkney 10’ 

Andy Stennett & Clive Brookes from Eday Renewable Energy Ltd 

  • Uist Wind Community Energy: key lessons learnt 10’ 

 Dr. Ameena Camps, Development officer, North Uist Development Ltd

  • Setting up the conditions forinvestment in Low Carbon communities 5’

Cath Preston, Head of innovation, Scottish Environment Protection Agency/Scottish Low Carbon Energy Investment Roundtable

  • NESOI ‘support for the islands  5’

 Cristina Boaretto, NESOI’s European Clean Energy for EU islands Facility

  • Discussion and Conclusions

Agenda: https://www.fedarene.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Agenda_CoM-Webinar_Empower-Islands-ESIN_final.pdf

Registration: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfJ-0Da8EZvGCqZVJjGNfOjjOeb0P_MIMw5djiVO-UqWUC74A/viewform

For more information, Contact: Camille Dressler, ESIN, mail: camille.d.t21@btinternet.com

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