REDR/ELARD launches a macro-survey at European level to define the future of rural areas


Dear ELARD members,

We are asking the rural European population how they imagine the future of their territories,

REDR/ELARD launches a microsite to know first-hand the opinion of the European rural population about the future of their territories. A macro-survey, in Spanish and English, that wants to serve as a meeting point for all the actors involved in the development of the European rural environment; an open and participatory platform that serves to listen and collect for two months your opinions and proposals for the future for rural areas. Take part in the survey here.

We want all the voices of the territory to be heard. In order not to leave anyone behind, it is essential that in the survey we be able to involve all the actors in the territory committed to LEADER, especially promoters and entrepreneurs who are beneficiaries of the aid.

From REDR/ELARD we count on your collaboration to achieve maximum dissemination among local and regional networks in your territory; in order to do this you can host the microsite on your respective websites (through an iframe), directly communicate and spread the original link or share it directly on social networks with the buttons enabled in the survey. If you have any question about it, do not hesitate to write to us at

The LEADER methodology and our way of acting -based on participation, innovation and public-private collaboration- can play an essential role in facing a new social, economic, cultural and environmental paradigm in rural areas. Through this survey, REDR intends to reflect, take sides and define among all how LEADER can continue to improve the quality of life of rural areas and their inhabitants in the near future.

ELARD will convey these conclusions to the highest European authorities (European Commission, DG AGRI, Committee of the Regions, European Economic and Social Committee …) and Spanish as well (Ministry of Agriculture, Authorities Management, regional and national political leaders, officials of regional and local administrations …). All the responses collected in this macro survey will be exposed in turn in our different information channels and through our associates.

The future of European rural areas and its population is at stake, we are counting on you!


Please feel free to contact us at anytime for further information.

If the link doesn’t work click here:

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