Easter Greetings

This will be a very different Easter for us all. The Islands of Europe will no doubt be very quiet but hopefully we will all find our own way to celebrate the new life and growth that comes with Spring. Hopefully you have family with you to make the occasion happier but we must try to stay positive, look to brighter days ahead.

Here is a little taste of Easter tradition on the Finnish Islands, sent in by Pia Prost, of the National Association of Finnish Islands:

On Easter Saturday, children usually dress up as witches in colourful old clothes and with freckles on their faces. Boys sometimes dress up like Easter bunnies. Then children go from door to door, giving Easter greeting cards they have made in return for treats. This year it is recommended to skip this tradition, but I guess some witches will show up at the doorsteps of the closest (young) relatives anyway.

So from all of us to all of you – have a happy, healthy and hopefully fun Easter!

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