World Water Day

from Christian Pleijel,

Director Leadership and Change

KTH Royal Institute of Technology Executive School

Today is World Water Day, an annual observance day established by the United Nations in 1992, during the Rio conference. It shall remind us to use freshwater in a sustainable way.

We in Värmdö, Södertälje, Brändö, Pargas and Kökar island municipalities, at the KTH, the Stockholm region and the Nordic archipelago, on the islands of Oaxen, Möja, Sandön, Kökar, Torsholma, Örö and Korpo are proud that our project Circular Water Challenge was named one of four finalists for a Swedish water prize, awarded by the VA Facts www.vafaktase

Who became the winner should have been announced today but seems to have got lost in the Corona epidemic.

Let’s take the opportunity to pay attention to another important day: Global Hand Washing Day, which takes place on October 15,

We use 60 of our 160 litres of daily water use to our personal hygiene. These days, we wash our hands extra often because of the risk of infection. It may then be wise to replace the nozzles on your taps. With some simple but smart technology we can reduce the amount of water you use by half, which you can wash your hands with instead. This has been tested at Inis Oirr as well on some of the French islands outside Brittany. There’s nothing to argue about dear friends, just do it.

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