Clean Energy EU islands: the 3rd Forum and technical fair, Stockholm- Marienhamn, 14-16 May 2019

ESIN was well represented at the Clean Energy Island 3rd forum which took place in Scandinavia this May, with ESIN board members from Sweden and Finland, Sten-Åcke Persson and Pia Prost, both on the first speakers’ panel. Well-kent faces were also on this panel like Elvira Läneborg from Öland island and Christian Pleyel from the Åland islands.

Öland is producing plenty of farm biogas but uptake is still too slow for private vehicles, points out Elvira

Lively round tables followed on to look at how the islands can progress on their transition roadmap, and then it was off to Marienhamn on day 2 on board the LPG powered Viking Grace. Other innovative features of this Climate Smart ferry are its Rotor Sail and electricity production from hot water which further reduces its carbon emissions, an important feature as ferry transport contributes massively to the EU islands’ carbon footprint….

Inspiring presentations from the Greening the Islands Observatory and a host of technical firms and island decarbonisation projects such as PRISMI followed on before a delicious lunch on the ferry. On arrival in Marienhamn, we were led to the Åland Parliament chamber for an introduction to the archipelago sustainable development goals and smart island strategy before the event concluded with Tatjana Huzak from the Croatian government showing how their new national island plan places smart island targets right at the heart of it!

Tatjana Husak, Croatia’s Island minister, relaxing after her presentation the day before

And as usual, when islanders the world over get together, chatting and exchanging experiences, challenges and solutions is an integral part of the event. From the tiny off grid island Shetland island of Foula to the Caribbean island of Marie Galante, there is plenty to talk about to ensure the fossil fuel transition happens!

Fiona from Shetland and Bjarti from Faroes ( in the foreground) finding a common linguistic heritage! Camille, ESIN Chair, Kostas from the Aegean Energy Agency and Elvira discussing biogas production with 2 representatives of German renewable technology firms….
A happy Clean Energy Islands secretariat team…
Job done, see you all in Croatia next year!

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