5G Hot Spots on Islands

WiFi4EU - Standard Presentation

Here is a splendid opportunity for all small islands to get a 5G Hot Spot (almost) for free.

The Commission is launching WiFi4EU to make 1,000 municipalities get 5G ”Hot Spots”. They will issue 15,000€ vouchers to municipalities or “associations formed by municipalities”.

1 You have to be registered, first. Do it today!

2 When the call opens (mid-May), be quick to apply. First come, first served!

It is a simple, paperless procedure: (1) Choose ‘main centre of public life’ on the island (2) Choose your installation company. Installation must be done within 18 months (3) Send the voucher to the installation company (4) Commission verifies the Wi-Fi hotspot is operating (5) The installation company redeems the voucher to the Commission (6) Municipality pays for the subscription (that’s why I said it is ”almost” for free).

WiFi4EU hotspot must be operational for 3 years (minimum).

See the presentation attached.


Get your EU login key now https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/cas/eim/external/register.cgi


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