Îles du Ponant energy projects interest “Les îles de la Madeleine” Canada – Québec


First stop : Normandy – Chausey archipelago


Jonathan Lapierre, Formal mayor of îles de la madeleine, and members of the american delegation experiments Hydrogen Bicycle in Saint-Lô  – Normandy – F

english description îles du Ponant

A 11 persons delegation from Québec – Canada, involved in energy transition, visited îles du Ponant last november (19th – 26th). After a visit in Normandy (Chausey archipelago), they went to Ouessant to visit new electricity storage system, renewable production units (solar cells & Sabella tidal current turbine). They met all partners involved in energy transition working on electricity consumption reduction, renewable electricity production, storage & energy management system.


French representants including mayors of îles de Sein, Molène et Ouessant & american visitors on Ushant.

The last visit was on île d’Yeu, the french municipality having the national record of electric vehicules density on its territory.




The next step will may 2018 when a “rendez-vous” is organized on îles de la Madeleine

with support of Coopérationlogo coop franco-québec

     France – Québec.

The subject will be    

“renewable energy in isolated territories and islands.”





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  1. All ESINers remember well Yeu and its ambitions on acquiring the national record of electric vehicules density in France. And there you are! Well done!

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