Snapshots from Orkney

As ESIN held its annual general meeting on Orkney Monday 11th to Wednesday 13th of September this week, Anetté Larm Johansson from Sweden and Pia Prost from Finland took som snapshots of people and proceedings.


Islanders from all over Europe met on Orkney

Micaela Denis Daniel Masson

Micaela Jansson (Korpo, Finland), Denis Bredin and Daniel Masson (Molène, France)Mairtin

Mairtin O’Mealoid, Cape Clear Island, sings (?)


Windy, but after rain comes sunshineLandscape

John Wrede

John Wrede, Mayor of Brändö (Åland Islands), representing Finland and ÅlandCamille & John

Chairman Camille Dressler discussing with John Walsh (Bere island, Ireland)

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