New meeting routines


The members of the ESIN Board recently received a call for the next board meeting 25/10, two weeks in advance. It gives them the possibility to check the agenda, the issues and the proposals with all of you: board members of national island organisations and islanders on our 1,400 islands. It also makes it possible to translate the agenda into other languages – Estonian, Croatian, Italian…?

Board meeting calls are only sent to the members of the board, not the substitutes, nor anyone else. We believe they know best who to engage in ESIN’s work.
But the calls and all attachments are open documents, published on our website, making it easy for you and everyone to find information and documents regarding ESIN’s work.
There is a new point on the call: 4. News from the members. We hope to hear news from each of our members, short updates on what’s top of mind.
Camille and Christian

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