Small islands, sustainable development pioneers


The Conservatoire du Littoral (“Coastal protection agency”) is a French public organisation created in 1975 to ensure the protection of outstanding natural areas on the coast, banks of lakes and stretches of water of 10 square kilometres or more. Its creation was inspired by the work of the British National Trust, though the National Trust is a private charity, whereas the Conservatoire du littoral is mainly government funded. It may be compared to the Swedish Skärgårdsstiftelsen.

In the end of May, Conservatoire du littoral and its partners joined forces to set up the collaborative exhibition “Small Islands, sustainable development pioneers“, featuring 40 photos illustrating good management practices on islands, reflecting the will and efforts of NGOs, civil society representatives and public institutions.

The exhibition was featured in Spain (Alfas del Pi), France (Paris), Mozambique (Maputo) and Tunisia (Carthage) and in Croatia (Zlarin) translated into 5 different languages. There are pictures of these events on their Facebook page (link).

These exhibitions, including the large format version, are available upon request to organize your events throughout the year, locally on your islands or other venues. Please book in advance if you are interested, and feel free to contact us for further info.

ESIN, devoted to the care of islanders, is grateful to the Conservatoire du Littoral and its partners for taking care of islands.

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