French islands off the grid


The Mayors of Moline, Batz, Sein, Les Glénan and Ouseesant with the Minister

Three french islands are especially energy-minded: Molène, Ouessant (Ushant) and Sein. Not being connected to the mainland grid makes their contribution to the effects of global change associated with fossil energy consumption all too obvious. This has led them to be ambassadors of island energy transition

Last July, on the occasion of the visit of Prime Minister Manuel Valls to Ousssant, the three mayors of Molène, Sein and Ouessant signed a pledge to be using only renewable energy by 2030.

A number of French partners have come to support them: ADEME, the Region of Bretagne, the department of Finistère, the departmental energy union SDEF, companies such as EDF bringing expertise, investments and technical and financial support, ERDF ensuring operational management of island grids, and Sabella, being a great promise with its tidal, underwater turbine and their new partner AKUO Energy Company.

This is why Madame the Minister Ségolène Royal in charge of energy and ecological transition visited Ouessant last Friday May 13 to support the islands with half a million euro in the TEPCV (Territories a Energie Positive pour la Croissant Verte) program, including also Batz and Les Genan in the transition program. It allows many actions for unconnected islands starting in 2018:

– Energy Management Operations (distribution / exchange of efficient appliances: led, water savers, refrigeration);

– Transformation of street light LED lamps (75% reduction in consumption);

– Examples of renewable energy generation;

– Electric Vehicle Charging Stations 100% renewable;

– Insulation of public buildings;

– Awareness-raising operations of residents and visitors to water and energy savings

– A toxic reduction program in ecosystems linked to rodent control (trapping program on Molène and Sein);

– A zero-phyto program on Ouessant;

– And finally the beginning of a source reduction of food waste.

There is a French proverb saying: To believe a thing impossible is to make it so. These French mayors didn’t.


Madame the Minister

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