Island kids

Barn af en ö

As a part of their studies in journalism, three Danish students have created a Facebook group addressing the subject of growing up on an island and subsequently have to leave home early.

The three students invite us to a dialogue: us, who are still attending primary schools on islands but might have to move this summer; us, who are currently in the process of learning to live on our own; us, who have chosen to stay on our island because the attraction of the island is stronger than the longing to leave; us, who left a long time ago and want to share your experiences.

Leaving home

Table: When Danish youngsters leave home

Most Danish kids leave home at the age of 21, while island kids leave when at about 15. As can be seen on the Facebook page, there are people who sees a different quality in these kids.

It is in Danish but you can always use Google Translate. You can also write the students an email in any chosen language. Or you can comment it here and we’ll link it to their Facebook group.

Barn på Kökar

Kids on my island Kökar when I first arrived in 2005 and worked as a teacher


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