Koster islands

The Koster islands are two beautiful small islands 10 kilometers off Sweden’s Atlantic coast, close to Norway https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koster_Islands. South Koster is 8, North Koster 4 square kilometres big. They are inhabited by some 300 people and separated from their mainland municipality Strömstad by a deep fjord. Summertime, there are many, many visitors to the islands resulting in freshwater problems.

The local newspaper Strömstads Tidning has just published a series of articles on the Koster islands. It started a week ago, on Thursday they wrote “The water problem puts an end to everything” and on Saturday concluded “Pleijel will solve the water problem.”

Oops. It seems I have some work to do.

1-Lördag-intro 2-Lördag 3-Tisdag 4-Torsdag 6-Lördag



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