Cable cars to islands in Swedish archipelago?


South of Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city, is large archipelago consisting of 25 larger islands with 5,000 permanent and 6,000 summer residents. The islands are completely free of gasoline-powered cars, transportation is carried out by means of cycles, delivery mopeds, electric cars and ferries.

Now, a study says it might be possible to link the islands to the mainland by cable cars, a solution which to my knowledge, within the ESIN islands, only exists on Dursey. That one, as you may know, spans a 400-metres sound with a car having space for six people or one person and a cow). The proposed cable car system outside Gothenburg is more up to date and more expansive as can be seen on the map above. The complete study (in Swedish) is linked below. The proposition includes:

– A cable car from Donsö/Styrsö to Frölunda;

– A cable car Vrångö-Styrsöbolaget-Brännö-Asperö-Köpstadsö-Donsö-Vrångö;

Existing depot at Fiskebäck;

– The terminal at Saltholmen has been dismantled likewise associated parking lot;

Frölunda parking arrangements with + 100 parking lots. Short-term parking for loading and unloading at the terminal. Special parking arranged for artisans at the freight terminal in Fiskebäck:

New smaller boat traffic between the smaller islands;

Sharply reduced supply of public transport along the tram route to Saltholmen;

Submission sites for goods available at Fiskebäck, Frölunda Torg, as well as on each island;

– Increased number of pool cars, especially to Frölunda;

Opportunities to collect and deliver cargo on the islands has been improved through small unmanned locked cargo handling centers at the ferry terminals and cable car stops. For smaller items there is also refrigeration.

Interesting, isn’t it?

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