Making more use of Denmark’s smallest car ferry


It should be easier to live on the the small Danish islands of the South Funen archipelago, and tourists should be able to go island hopping without having to go back to Svendborg and Faaborg to get from island to island.

This is why Denmark’s smallest car ferry Hjortøboen (capacity: one car) will be used to improve conditions for islanders and tourists.

Harbor master in Svendborg, Hans Søby, emphasizes that it is not about not wanting to serve Hjortø longer. The idea is to make use of the ferry’s spare capacity.
– We just want to use Hjortøboen better and more appropriate, so that the islands can get a tourist boost. I do not know if it is realistic but we need to give it a try instead of making big plans, raise money for new ships, and then maybe find out it didn’t work out, he says.
For those of you that may not know these islands, see the map below You will find Hjortø in the lower middle.


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