ESIN Joins Restructured Islenet

Islenet is a network of European Island Authorities which promotes sustainable and efficient energy and environmental management, see

20 years ago, it was founded by an initiative of the Islands Commission of the CPMR (Conference of Peripheral and Maritime Regions). It is supported by the EU Institutions and the Western Isles Council. The Western Isles has been responsible for both the administrative and financial management.

On November 20, 2102, Islenet’s Technical Committee assigned a working group to propose a declaration, a vision and a strategy for restructuring of the Islenet.

On June, 3, 2014, the Declaration was signed by core members of the restructured Islenet, namely Samsø Energy Academy, Region Gotland, Western Isles Council, Aream, ITC, DAFNI, Regione Sardegna and ESIN (as decided by the ESIN Board the same day, unanimously).


Eleni Marianou, general secretary of CPMR’s Islands Commssion, shakes hand with Bertil Klintbom, Head of International Affairs at Region Gotland.

To ESIN, it is big achievement to become a core member of Islenet. The voice of Europe’s 1,400 small islands and their 448,000 residents is now loud and clear. There are new possibilities for the small islands to be a part of important energy projects, to be supported in the financing of project, to share the benefits of a learning community, and for match-making.

The network will for the moment not charge membership fees. Organisational issues, possible projects and working routines will be soon be elaborated. Christian Pleijel was elected as ESINs representative to the Islenet Board.




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