Ischia and ESIN

March 29

Ischias traffic and transport challenges continues to engage local media. In the weekend issue of Corriere dell’Isola, the theme is mobility with. There is even an explanation of what ESIN is and a retrospective on the last AGM on Åland, when representatives from Ischia visisted us. I have been repatriated and am now a finlandese.

Christian Pleijel


March 24

As one of the members in the ESIN cluster of the Smilegov, Ischia is dealing with its energy issues. According to members of the City Council, mobility (or rather, un-mobility as a function of traffic congestion) is a top priority.

During my visit last week I had the opportunity to meet with the project team, with politicians and with all kinds of nice island people. As can be seen from the newspaper article attached, ESIN has a strong reputation on Ischia. They called me Danish but also a guru, so I won’t object.

Christian Pleijel

View-of-Ischia Castello-Aragonese  Tre-citroner Robertos-parents Moonlight Jonathan-&-Enzo Il-Dispari Enzo-Jonathan-Angela

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