Eco-Islands summit 2013 on Bornholm

Christian Pleijels presentation at the Summit, 10th of September (12 minutes):

Camille and I have spent a few days with the Eco-Islands organisation on Bornholm. Well organised, very rewarding with some very talented speakers – such as Malene Lundén, Søoren Riis, Dominic Balmforth, Brent Richards, Pano Kroko, Andy Bäcker, Wouter Kersten  and Tobias Lau. Sometimes we got brilliant solutions to important problems, sometimes we were shaken in our inner depths by the importance of these problems.

Camille and myself had the honour to be among the speakers. We gave a short presentations of the Scottish Island Federation and Eigg (Camille), and of ESIN and the SMILEGOV project (Christian).

Presentations will be published on Eco-Islands web []. Meanwhile, here are some pictures from the summit and some from beautiful Bornholm – an island resting like a sunwarm curvy blonde woman in the Baltic Sea.

What I am bringing home is ideas regarding how to train tourists to leave less waste, the organisation of a Waste academy for small islands and the need to form a Region of Islands within the European Union.


David Green, founder of Eco-Islands


It was Mette Tiensuu (in the middle) who organised the meeting with the help of Søren Femmer Jensen (too busy to get caught by my camera)


Camille having a chat with Brent Richards, Creative Archipelago


Sören Riis, co-founder of GoMore


Christians cause and effects slide

Bornholm karta 2

Christians moved Bornholm to its virtual distance from Denmark

Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea was calm and beautiful

Boats in Hasle harbour

Hasle harbour

A Mondrian on Bornholm

The painter Mondrian seems to have passed by Bornholm

Colours of Gudhjem

Danish flag

Bornholm colours

Bornholm skyline


Lene Grønning from Greenabout works with the EV system on Bornholm


The Nissan EV I borrowed to go around the island



A curious-pig

A happy pig at Thomas Pedersens farm


Piglets, same farm

Green energy

Green energy




Gudhjem village


Gudhjem again

Hotel Gudhjem

And again

Hasle harbour

Tying it all together

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