Greek isles SOS to Prime Minister Samaras

The Hellenic Small Islands Network (HSIN) is asking Prime Minister Antonis Samaras to send help to keep them going and for a meeting with the General Secretary of Small Island Infrastructure.

The HSIN network states in a letter in the end of June that, “The actions to deal with the problems on our small islands so far has been unsuccessful. You must realize Mr Prime Minister the many reasons behind the need to maintain our small islands. The problems of survival faced by the permanent residents on the small islands overcome the reach of one or two ministries and require you to immediately establish an action plan and create a special secretariat.”

HSIN are also making an appeal to appoint someone in order to deal with the European legislation on issues that have to do with the connection of small islands. HSIN suggests as well to make the process of giving contracts on small islands easier and to set up a group to conduct a study of the safety and service of the residents of the small Greek islands.

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