Alexis Chatzimpiros, the application’s workhorse, writes:

“The SMILE-GOV negotiation is almost finalised and most of the changes you have requested are approved. I will send you the final files in the next days.” 

“I would like to launch now the discussion on the kick-off meeting, which will be organised in Greece (hopefully on an island). Month 1 of the project will be April 2013 and I would like to hold the meeting in M1. As a date I propose Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th of April. The presence of at least one representative from each partner is mandatory!!

The work with the Smilegov application is running as expected. Next week the negotiation with the Project Officer and the Financial Officer at IEE will be finalized and the proposal will be distributed for signatures, among others by ESIN.

The starting date for the project is now set out to April 1st, 2013. The kick-off meeting will be in April somewhere in Greece.

Some islands from Greece and some from Estonia have already taken contact with me to understand how they could take part of the project. Maybe there is also some interest from the three Irish islands that have been involved with two Danish islands in an energy project. Some of the very small islands in the Åland archipelago may want to join.

It is important to remember that the project certainly will assist us but it will also be a challenge especially for small islands with a minimum (or lack of) technical capacity, as once we join in, we will also have obligations to deliver Sustainable Energy Action Plans and – maybe – join the Pact of Islands.


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