European Small Islands Federation

Article in Åland newspaper

An article on the AGM published today October, 22  in Aland major newspaper Ålandstidningen.


  Pia Prost wrote @

Good article! The magazine Skärgård ( is planning a number on European Islands – in that case it would be very nice if ESIN members could participate in writing! (There are only four issues per year, and the issue on European Islands would probably be published next autumn).

  Christian wrote @

Wow, that is good news! Last number of this very stylish and well renowned magazine had an article on our AGM on Mull.
We have to make plans!
Should we meet with the editor Håkan Eklund?
When is it planned to be published? Should we tell him how we see the islands of Europe divided into the Mediterranean islands, the Western islands and the Baltic islands?
I suppose he is mainly interested in small islands?
Is he going to make some research himself – should we propose a few islands he should visit?
Lots of questions from a very enthoustiastic Christian

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