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Åland Islands in winter


Islands are often depicted in summer. But Kristin Race from German NDR visited the Åland Islands a few days ago and made this very beautiful film:,sendung756678.html







Winter in the archipelago

Kaj Lundberg

Eminent documentary from my islands broadcasted on Franco-German TV network ARTE. Above is a link to the introduction with fisherman Kaj Lundberg (pic 1) and postman Kim Karlsson, taking care of Åke and Monica Finnerman on Björkö = Birch Island (pic 2). The French team speak about “le magnifique archipel d’Åland” and seem to like “crêpe épaisse à la cardamome et crème fouettée” which is our traditional sweet cake with whipped cream.

Unusual and valuable images from islands in winter time.

Kim Karlsson