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Greek TV covers the small islands of Europe


Greek journalist Kostas Argyros, seconded by Eleni Korovila and a film team, has been island-hopping around Europe, covering some of its small islands. On Sunday evening, the Greek television program “28europe” showed his 45 minute long report


Such great contributions from islanders Bengt, Lefteris, Tarja, Camille, Christian, Denis, Laurids and Maria. Such beautiful portraits of Skaftö (though Bengt seems a bit mislocated), Prangli in Estonia, Eigg in Scotland, the Åland Islands, Houat and Ouessant in France, Sejerø in Denmark and Tilos in Greece. But not just beauty – Kostas catches some of the important issues regarding life on small islands.

I especially like the interviews with Tarja from Prangli and Maria from Tilos.

tarja maria

All in all: a fantastic portrait of ESIN (the only thing missing is English subtitles).

Winter in the archipelago

Kaj Lundberg

Eminent documentary from my islands broadcasted on Franco-German TV network ARTE. Above is a link to the introduction with fisherman Kaj Lundberg (pic 1) and postman Kim Karlsson, taking care of Åke and Monica Finnerman on Björkö = Birch Island (pic 2). The French team speak about “le magnifique archipel d’Åland” and seem to like “crêpe épaisse à la cardamome et crème fouettée” which is our traditional sweet cake with whipped cream.

Unusual and valuable images from islands in winter time.

Kim Karlsson


Young islanders

I have been peer-reviewing young islanders’ situation on Åland and in Croatia. There is a lack of data (what is “young”; how many young people are lacking jobs (except in summer), gender perspectives), there is a lack of explicit consequences if we do nothing, and there is a lack of responsability given to the young themselves, with support , funding and mentoring.

Young people in both archipelagoes seem to think that it is possible to create new jobs if we go for quality tourism, visitor centres, local product branding, small ecological footprints, energy saving projects, low-carbon transports – “Green jobs”.

Here is a a link to a Croatian TV broadcast II you you jump the first 10 minutes will find Jany Hansal chair of DESA Dubrovnik, yours truly and Denis Baric president of the Croatian Islands Parliament.