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“No man is an island” — but what is an island? And why might you set a poem, a novel, a philosophical utopia there?

Marc Shell explores the geography, rhetoric, and politics of islands, from the mythical Atlantis to contemporary environmental disasters.

“Islandology” offers not only new ways to think about islands, but also why and how we think by means of them.

MARC SHELL is the Irving Babbitt Professor of Comparative Literature at Harvard University, where he also serves as Faculty Associate at the Center for the Environment. He is the author of a dozen books, on topics ranging from nationalism and economics to multilingualism and disability studies.

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Island knowledge

A large part of the world’s island knowledge is assembled on Lesvos, right now. Here is some of it:Beate-Ratter

Professor Beate Ratter, Hamburg


Happy professors: Godfrey Baldacchino and Ioannis Spilanis


Muna Mohamed, Maldives


Professor emeritus Nenad Starc, Croatia

He has visited 855 islands

Emeritus Professor of Island Geography Stephen Royle writes from Kyushu, Japan, which seems to be the 855th island he has visited

Excuse me, but instead of a portrait of Dr Royle I am attaching the cover of his marvelous book “A Geography of Islands” which should be in the library of every islander – and mainlander!

Even if it is hard to beat Dr Royle, there is an invitation to send island stories to the ISISA blog. Give it a thought.

A Geography of Islands