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Hellenic Small Islands Network

Greek nature is abundant and rich, as reflected in the variety of local crops and goods produced on the small Greek islands. Their agro-food items —although produced in limited quantities— are distinguished by their high quality. These superior products can therefore be included in gourmet categories. Realistically, production and sales of local agro-grain products from […]

Our favourite MEP

There are 751 members of the European Parliament – MEP’s. They were elected in 2014 and are now passing laws, deciding on international agreements, reviewing the work the Commssion is doing and proposing legislation. In Brussels, they are the voice of more than 500 million Europeans – old, young, men, women, urban, hillbillys, conservatives, radicals… […]

New funding for clean energy on islands

The European Commission has announced an increase in the budget for Europe’s islands amounting to an impressive 10 million euros. In Brussels, MEP Tonino Picula met with Cristopher Jones (Deputy General Director of the Commission’s Energy Directorate) who confirmed this information and thanked him for the initiative so far. The reason for this meeting was […]

Can we save 25% of the water we use?

The first stage of the Water Saving study is now complete: total water consumption and water supply on the eight islands Tilos and Ithaca (Greece), Vis and Lastovo (Croatia), Sein and Houat (France), Cape Clear and Inis Oírr (Ireland) have been mapped, in detail. Now Mayors and Water Officers take next step, gathering for a […]

World Water Day

Vice-President of the European Parliament Intergroup for the islands, Tonino Picula, organized a panel discussion on the islands and hosted representatives of eight small European islands from Croatia, France, Greece and Ireland, in the European Parliament in Brussels yesterday. The panel, which was held on the occasion of World Water Day, marks the beginning of […]

Water Saving Project

  The Water Saving project was a study on how eight small, dry European islands can save fresh water. The project result is published in a booklet: WASAC booklet The project was headed by The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm and used its so-called ”Challenge” methodology meaning there aren’t lectures, but the highly […]

‘Bad geography’

Researchers Luca De Benedictis and Anna Maria Pinna from the University of Cagliari have launched the term ‘bad geography”. They have explored the geographical dimension of insularity, measuring its effect on trade costs. An interesting report with many different aspects on insularity I quote: ”Insularity is not in general considered the worst condition in terms of […]

Island Journals

Being an organisation for islanders, we must admit having a soft spot for island journals. Not the glossy magazines marketing islands as a place to visit, nor daily (or almost daily) newspapers covering crime, local debate and family affairs. No, our love is for copious, fact-filled periodicals with percipient descriptions of islands as a place […]

Small islands, sustainable development pioneers

The Conservatoire du Littoral (“Coastal protection agency”) is a French public organisation created in 1975 to ensure the protection of outstanding natural areas on the coast, banks of lakes and stretches of water of 10 square kilometres or more. Its creation was inspired by the work of the British National Trust, though the National Trust is […]

EU Intergroup for Islands

At the end of last year – at the Conference of Presidents meetings on 11. December – the list of the officially approved (and funded) Intergroups in the European Parliament was given the final stamp of approval. In all 28 different Intergroups got the stamp of approval, one of these being the Seas, Rivers, Islands and Coastal Areas Intergroup. It […]