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Small islands make big impact in Brussels

Our stats show that the news of our sustainable islands conference in Brussels have now passed 1,000 views on our blog and even more on our FaceBook site (which mirrors what is published on the blog). We have typically 1,000 visitors a month to our site and have already passed that for October. Most frequent […]

Change of chair in Sweden

Skärgårdarnas Riksförbund – SRF – the National Association for the Swedish Archipelago) was established in 1982 and covers, among other things, matters relating to employment, housing and transportation. During April, Sune Fogelström from Möja island took over as chairman after Bengt Almkvist, who has been the leader of SRF almost from its startup nearly thirty […]

FÖSS meeting

  Spring is in the air and so are lapwings and starlings. Eiders have arrived from the Wadden Sea and seem to have feasted well on German and Dutch mussels. I have met with the Board of FÖSS, the National Association of Finnish Islands Out of the 179.485 islands in Finland, 549 are inhabited and […]

A bridge too much?

The island of Gozo lies in the Mediterranean Sea, just north of Malta, to which it belongs. With an area of 67 square kilometers it is the same size of my home island Kokar. There are differencies though: Gozo has just over 37,000 inhabitants, while Kokar has 250; Gozites drive to the left and they […]