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National funding granted for Swedish archipelagos

The national federation for the associations of the Swedish archipelagos – SRF (ESIN’s Swedish member) – has been accorded a three-year grant from the Swedish government. The grant which comprises over 0,5 million euro for 2016-2018 was communicated last Thursday February, 3. It is an increase compared to previous years to make special attention to […]

Winter in the archipelago Eminent documentary from my islands broadcasted on Franco-German TV network ARTE. Above is a link to the introduction with fisherman Kaj Lundberg (pic 1) and postman Kim Karlsson, taking care of Åke and Monica Finnerman on Björkö = Birch Island (pic 2). The French team speak about “le magnifique archipel d’Åland” and seem to […]

Cable cars to islands in Swedish archipelago?

South of Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city, is large archipelago consisting of 25 larger islands with 5,000 permanent and 6,000 summer residents. The islands are completely free of gasoline-powered cars, transportation is carried out by means of cycles, delivery mopeds, electric cars and ferries. Now, a study says it might be possible to link the […]

Blekinge archipelago

Blekinge archipelago is located in the Baltic Sea, in the south of Sweden. It covers some 210.000 km2 including water. The archipelago is dominated by a few larger islands: Aspö, Hasslö, Tärnö and Sturkö, with smaller islands and skerries interspersed. Some 4,000 islanders live here. During last spring, brainstorming meetings and interviews have shown the […]

Nordic Archipelago Collaboration Gets Higher Status

The Nordic Council of Ministers has decided to make the Nordic archipelago cooperation a cross-border committee. The archipelago cooperation budget doubles to over 100 000€ in years 2014 – 2016. This affects the six archipelago municipalities of Åland, the Stockholm archipelago region, and the Åbo and Uusimaa archipelagos in Finland. – We will increase cooperation […]


The first boat has arrived at the Tilos pier, while the Stockholm archipelago piers in the north of Europe are still surrounded by melting ice. Thanks Nina Shaieste for the southern pic and Mats Lindfors for the northern one.

Small island schools perform well

Karl Jan Solstad Last week, the Nordic Council archipelago cooperation arranged a seminar on the topic of small island schools. One of the speakers was Norwegian professor emeritus Karl Jan Solstad, who presented his research from Vågan, a municipality among the Lofoten islands in Nordland Region, northern Norway. Map of Nordland Region in Norway with its […]

Island residents treated as guinea pigs, says Finnish newspaper

In Finland, the government is keen to promote digital business and new business models. To this end, free traffic service in the archipelago is said to prevent commercial producers of transportation services to gain entry into the market and impairs the possibility of developing a free traffic service market in the area, said the Finnish […]

Island visitor’s centers

Korpostrom is a strait in the southern Finland archipelago, located adjacent to several major shipping lanes. It has been a local service point for a hundred years, became a marina in the early 2000’s and in 2004 a visitor centre including a marine research station. There is a lecture hall, offices, a restaurant and a […]

Island Journals

Being an organisation for islanders, we must admit having a soft spot for island journals. Not the glossy magazines marketing islands as a place to visit, nor daily (or almost daily) newspapers covering crime, local debate and family affairs. No, our love is for copious, fact-filled periodicals with percipient descriptions of islands as a place […]